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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Gmail Smart-Delete Button Ver. 0.7.1 Released!

[for FireFox ver 1.5 & Greasemonkey 6.4 users]
NEW! 'Smart-Delete' replacement for Gmail's 'vanilla' delete button.

Wish Gmail's new delete button had all those features you have come to love?
Features like auto-enabling when items are selected and customizable keyboard shortcuts? Well, we're back! Version 7 is up and running. Don't settle for vanilla. Download Smart-Delete Version 7 today!

[Version 7.1 tweaks the button size - per user request.]

Features: User defined keyboard shortcut - User can set which key they would like to use to trigger mail deletion. (The default letter is 'd', but by editing the script file any letter can be used. Just find the following line of code near the beginning of the script:
var TheDeleteKey='d';
And change the key letter to whichever one you like.
Be careful, though, not to select a shortcut already being used by Gmail!)

(Click to view larger.)

Download here: Gmail Smart-Delete Button Ver. 0.7.1
[To install, right-click the above link & choose 'Install User Script...' from context menu.]

Keep those comments and suggestions coming!
I'll try to implement any useful (and reasonable) suggestions you come up with.
Check back often for updates!

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Blogger Meetesh said...

Thanks Paul! This is great ... I was bummed when I couldn't use the 'd' key anymore!

3:38 PM, January 21, 2006  
Blogger Andrew said...

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Thanks for all of your hard work.

5:24 AM, January 22, 2006  
Anonymous spikey.mcmarbles@gmail.com said...

Is it possible to manually tweak the size of the delete button? For some reason, I end up with a short button, which doesn't match up with the others. I'm using version 0.7.1 with Greasemonkey 0.6.4 on Firefox 1.5.

Not a big deal, I know... it just looks weird. Thanx!

8:22 AM, January 23, 2006  
Anonymous spikey.mcmarbles@gmail.com said...

In case anyone else is interested, the fix was to adjust the Delete_Button.style.height assignment in the script. Changing the value from 19 to 24 makes everything mesh nicely for me, but it appears to be a display/resolution dependent setting... you may need to experiment a bit.

Thanx to Paul for pointing me to the correct setting! :)

10:44 AM, January 24, 2006  

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